History of Tigwatian, now known as Crystal Cove Island

Every day, fishermen sail to and fro and round the island in search of school fish, never missing the chirping sounds of the bird singing from their hearts 


A beautiful sound, accompanied by the splash of the sea and the gushing of the breeze as the trees dance to its rhythm. A very inviting sound that rang a bell with every passerby and left its parameter smiling.

One night, while fishing near the island, a fisherman heard the beautiful sound again and couldn’t help but be enchanted. It was an unusual sound, different from his usual days, that prompted him to investigate.

It was a lively and very inviting sound to the ear, like a feast, but hours of searching resulted in nothing. So he decided to return home. When he turned his back, he saw an unusual flock of birds circling the island, and the sound stayed with him and made him smile. He thought to himself, that there was a celebration, possibly with a welcome hymn to the king.


TayCondring (Coconut Wine) “Tuba” gatherer stated that the island of Tigwatian is the home of the fairies, which he witnessed with his own eyes.

One full moon, he was doing his usual work of gathering tuba from the coconut tree when he heard a merry-making from afar. He looked everywhere until his eyes led him to the island of Tigwatian, where he was astounded to see a golden ship docked.

Only TayCondring could solve this mystery. Many interpretations were proposed, but only one was concluded:

The island is inhabited by king and fairies.