Crystal Cove Island Activities

Enjoy fun-filled activities as you trek the entire Island. It usually takes about 30 minutes to take a full tour from both ends of the island, but would probably take more than that for a photo op and of course, swimming!

Main attraction

Cove 1

Natural pool? It’s not everyday that you get to see and experience cave adventures.

Main attraction

Cove 2

Not just one, but 2 coves to experience in the island! Now that’s a treat! Unlike cove 1, cove 2 requires you take a short yet thrilling pathway. Your experience will also depend when it’s high tide, low tide, or rough sea condition.


White Beach

White sand? Oh yes! Not as fine as the white sand on the main island, but we are boasting with seashells, making our white sand beach, a unique experience.

Main attraction

Breathtaking views

Paradise ain’t complete without the breathtaking views – Blue sky, blue sea, and mountains? What else can you ask for?  

Other attraction

Baywatch | Wishing Well

Visit the highest point of the island at our Baywatch, and get a full 360 degree views of our neighboring island – Sibuyan island, Boracay Island, Caticlan Island, Carabao Island, and turtle Island.



The adventure fit for all family! You’ll be trekking to visit the 2 coves from both ends of the island, but don’t worry, it’s not a sweating trek (maybe a little) but the views takes your sweat and breath away!



Depending on the sea condition, you can definitely snorkel inside our coves. Whether you want to take a dip in cove 1 or cove 2, you’ll definitely enjoy every paddle.


Fish feeding

Snorkeling and fishing? Yes you can! Bring your own bread or purchase a biscuit or two in our store, and feed them underwater. (you’ll be surprised, they’ll be coming in seconds!)